• Fitness Training Athletic Soft Board - Beginner
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Fitterfirst. Soft Board - Beginner. Go through the Sensation of Floating Soft Planks introduce an entire new dimensions to stability training. They provide you with the sensation of floating on the cushion of air whilst still offering a predictable basis underfoot. The initial design includes either four corner compression legs around the beginner table or 1 large central compression lower-leg on both intermediate and advanced planks. Smooth Boards will certainly: • Improve balance, dexterity and general agility. • Increase proprioception and reduces likelihood of sports injuries • Boost ankle and lower leg power Features: • Boost function depending on a THREE DIMENSIONAL sensation in which the boards point and drift laterally making a tri-place feeling for the consumer. • Non slide legs produce a solid connection with the ground -- no sliding sensation. • No marking and silent foundation means these types of boards will be quiet once in use. • Bigger surface area enables a variety of feet or hands and seated positions.

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Fitness Training Athletic Soft Board - Beginner

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