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Keenfit 3-Piece Travel Walking Poles
  • Brand: Keenfit
  • Product Code: keen46
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $99.98

Keenfit 3-Piece Travel Walking Poles includes:

2 Keenfit Walking Poles (1 Pair)
2 Pair of Road Feet
1 Pair of Trail Feet
1 Pair of Carbide Tips
1 Pair of Beach/Snow Baskets

Walking is one of the most popular and easiest forms of exercise people can do. Simply adding Keenfit Walking Poles to your walk not only makes it easier to do and easier on you - but it makes it so much more beneficial!

Each pair of walking Poles are fully adjustable and come with moisture absorbent cork-mix handles and safety 'reflective tape'
30-minutes of Pole Walking equals the same cardio benefits as a 50-minute regular walking
Ergonomically Designed Palm Strap allows release between steps so that hands don

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